December 21st, 2015

Not Especially Rock 'n' Roll 10K 2015

Way back in September, Alex oniugnip and I ran the so-called San Jose "Rock 'n' Roll" Half Marathon (in his case) and 10K (in my case). There was rather less rock 'n' roll than advertised -- they market this thing as though it's a rock concert that is somehow also a road race, whereas in practice, it's a perfectly cromulent road race with some live music along the way, but not really any more live music than the average big urban road race has.

I had originally planned to run the half with Alex, but a few days before the race, I wimped out and opted to just do the 10K instead. This meant that I still had a yellow bib that said "1/2 MARATHON", instead of the red one that people who'd signed up for the 10K had. (My bib also had "ALEX R" on it, the same as Alex's, due to some kind of registration-form glitch.) I expected having the wrong bib to be awkward, since a bunch of well-meaning race volunteers would be all, "No, no, the half is that way!" when I turned off to follow the 10K route. As it turned out, it wasn't really that awkward, because a lot of people with yellow bibs took the 10K route. What I don't know is how many of those people chose to wimp out during the race, as opposed to wimping out in advance, as I did. (Obviously, the latter is the morally superior course of action.)

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The race was well-organized with no unpleasant surprises, other than the paucity of rock 'n' roll. I ran at a pretty steady pace and finished in 1:03:25, having hit the halfway point at 30:34 -- nothing to write home about, certainly, but somewhat faster than I'd been training, as is usual for these things. This photo makes me look more enthusiastic than I actually felt. I'm really only writing this post to mark the occasion of having finally completed the likely-by-now-familiar-to-readers-of-this-journal routine of extricating my race photos from the vise-like grip of I should do a proper half-marathon or marathon again one of these years, ideally one on a more exciting course a bit further from home!