December 22nd, 2009

All would be forgiven.

Earlier today, as Alex onigunip and I were driving home from Chicago, I was complaining to him about how the folks we'd just been to visit1 did a better job with furniture and household-maintenance tasks than we did. My complaints included things like "We've had a non-working lamp in our living room for six months" and "Our table is rickety and only seats four, making it impossible to have more than two people over for dinner simultaneously". To rectify this, Alex has started a wave2: "things to do to the house".

So far, the only thing on his list is "install taco dispenser".

This is basically why I love him.

  1. They were my sister, Maya leadsynth, and two old friends from college, Rachel and Nick. Other people we saw on the trip included Matt Bone and Pam catechism. It was awesome.
  2. The best part of Google Wave is that you get to press a button that says "New Wave".