November 29th, 2008

Although I can't argue with the one for Hackers, which was: "Angelina Jolie and computers."

A couple months back, Alex oniugnip and I started keeping a Google spreadsheet of movies we wanted to see, or movies we'd seen and wanted to remember that we'd seen. Today I suggested we start including brief summaries of said movies; Alex assented and wrote a bunch of them:

Young boys in Neo-Tokyo ride bikes past neon lights, really fast. Some people have psychic powers. It's the future, in a post-apocalyptic sort of way, and nobody will talk about nuclear weapons because that's sort of taboo in Japan.
Dr. Strangelove
Everybody freaks out about nuclear weapons. They're taboo in Britain, America and Russia.
Winter Light
In Scandinavia somewhere, a priest worries about his faith and how he can't console his parishioners, one of whom is freaking out about nuclear weapons. (they're taboo in Scandinavia)
Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
In response to mutually assured destruction during the Cold War, inner city youths in New York City develop a new kind of dancing, to vent about how they can't discuss nuclear weapons. (they're taboo)

You can see why I'm madly in love. Did I mention I'm madly in love?

God, I love my sister.

This Thanksgiving, I hung out with my sister Maya leadsynth for the first time since last Thanksgiving. When I do dumb things like go for a whole year without hanging out with Maya in person, I tend to forget what a devastatingly quick wit she has.1

Alex: *hands a mostly-eaten apple to Lindsey*
Lindsey: *drops it on the floor*
A nanosecond: *goes by*
Maya: Core dump.

Lindsey: *whines about how Rob posted a video of himself, Alex, and her playing music on YouTube, but misspelled her name in the metadata, so now she'll never be famous, as would surely have happened otherwise*2
A nanosecond: *goes by*
Maya: You got Robbed.

Okay, so those two were amusing, but this made me have to stop playing Rock Band and just stumble around the room laughing for a couple of minutes:

Maya: I was trying to think of a female-anatomy equivalent to the saying "When in doubt, whip it out." The best I've come up so far is "When you're nervous, show your cervix."

God, I love her.

  1. And actually, both of these remind me of the time right around last Thanksgiving when Jesse jes5199 and I were comparing the quality, in megapixels, of photos that our phones could take, and of course, mine was awful and Jes's was excellent, and Maya was like "Phoned." to me, and Jesse actually ran to his computer to find out if she was the first person to have thought of that. (She probably wasn't.)
  2. Actually, Rob fixed the misspelling shortly afterward -- you'll note I'm still not famous -- and the video is here! It's from a while ago.