October 23rd, 2008

Infiltrating the Jacobs School of Music, one audition at a time

Just before the semester started, I auditioned for IU choral ensembles. (Apparently, taking the foundations qual just wasn't enough having-my-worth-as-a-human-being-evaluated-by-committee for one week.) When I went to sign up for auditions, it was around 2 p.m. on a Thursday. I had to pick a time slot, and the best available time left was around 4:30 that day. This was scary. I had imagined having at least a few days to practice. But I had a piece I knew well, and I'd been working on it, so I decided to just go sing that day and get it over with.

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And I hope to further infiltrate the music school. Because, you know, these folks are world-class at what they do, but seriously, I think some of 'em need an Eternal Golden Braid upside the head.

  1. I promise no such thing! (I'll save Confessions of an Ex-Music Major for Geek Buffet, though, probably.)