June 7th, 2008

"rockstarling" (2003-2008)

When I picked "rockstargirl" as a domain, back in 2003, I intended it to refer to the title of a song I wrote one time. Or, maybe, to the fictional narrator of the song. Not, you know, to me. But that got all misconstrued and mixed up right away. So then I picked "rockstarling" as a LiveJournal username because it was a little bit self-effacing, to offset the pompousness of "rockstargirl".

But it always bothered me that it wasn't quite a perfect anagram of "rockstargirl", because I'm a nerd. And then, folks kept on confusing me with rockstargirl, which defeated the purpose of the whole attempt at self-effacement. And then I realized that I didn't especially like being referred to as "rockstarling" as though it were my name, any more than I liked being referred to as "rockstargirl" that way.

So! [info]rockstarling is now lindseykuper. Links to old entries will still work because cool URIs don't change. (jes5199 best be retaggin' them photos, though.)