April 28th, 2007

Support for the every-life-situation-is-analogous-to-something-in-a-Louis-Sachar-book theory

There's a scene in Dogs Don't Tell Jokes in which Gary's trying to polish his comedy routine. He starts running his jokes by Joe in his head, asking himself, "Would Joe think this is funny?" If it doesn't pass the Joe test, he throws it out.

I'm becoming a better programmer because of Jesse jes5199. I start to do something, and then I think, "Jesse won't like this." And I stop, and think, and I do it in a way that sucks less.

What if all the stuff we're supposed to know as adults is stuff that we actually learned before we were twelve?

Or, okay: what if the way to live is to first learn the rules, all of them, and once you know them cold you start to figure out which ones you can throw out, one by one, until finally, eventually, if you've planned it right, the answer works out to be: all of them? I like that thought.