April 21st, 2007

Yeah, so I'm not going to run a marathon this spring.

I've fought with myself a lot about it. I have a You're A Slacker devil sitting on one shoulder, and a No You're Not angel on the other, and every day we have the same conversation:

Devil: You managed to train for and run a marathon in 2004, so why can't you do it this year? Slacker.
Lindsey: Um, I...
Angel: That's completely unfair. You didn't have a job then, and you do now.
Lindsey: Yeah! See?
Devil: You did it in 2006, and you were working.
Lindsey: Crap. Yeah, that's true.
Angel: But you weren't dating anyone last year! That takes time, too.
Devil: In 2005, you were working and dating someone and commuting an hour and a half every day, and you still managed to find the time to run a marathon.
Angel: *scornfully* Oh, yeah, and we all know how well that worked out. You ran your worst marathon ever, the relationship ended badly a month later, you fled to the other side of the country, and then the job ended up disintegrating anyway. Awesome, dude. Way to go.
Lindsey: Hey, fuck you too! Whose side are you on, anyway?!
Devil: I win! Slacker.
Lindsey: Stop it! You're both fired!
Angel and devil: *slink away*
Angel (yelling from next room): You have a more challenging job now...


Let the record show that I lifted a bunch of weights and ran a bunch of miles, even if it wasn't as much as in a typical spring. And let the record show that it's not that I can't handle the training, it's that it takes so much time.

And I want so much time, you guys. I want time to not be two hours late for Dan dan_o_m's birthday party. I want time to make cinnamon rolls with Indigo indy1725 on a Sunday morning. I want time to read the books that I got for Christmas; I want time to learn about XPath; I want time to have coffee with Blue lovemotionstory; I want time to finish writing this song that I'm still not through with still isn't through with me. There are so many things that I want to do that I haven't already done three times.

Today was supposed to be Finally Finish Unpacking and Hanging Pictures Day.

Sweep the basement and the stairs; do the dishes; file a bunch of stuff; bike downtown with a bag full of books (lyrics note-, Power-, Mac-, Infinite Jest); get coffee; make a mockery of the food court while waiting (AppleCare: totally worth it, although I could really do without the part that involves putting a stoner 19-year-old in a "Genius" t-shirt and apparently giving him instructions to under no circumstances actually show or explain to any customer what he's doing and how it's going to help him diagnose what's wrong with her broken optical drive); leave mall with bag 5.6 pounds lighter; think some; read some; write some; get more coffee; do some work work. Formulate hypothesis that it is in fact possible to get quite a lot done on a Saturday as long as it has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever one had specifically hoped to get done.