March 5th, 2007

Kuper's Index

Days I've lived at Happy House: 23
Number of dinner parties I have held since moving into Happy House: 2
Number of times I've ordered pizza since moving into Happy House: 2
Minimum demonstrated number of 13-inch pizzas I can fit into my bag: 1
Number of times I have accidentally locked Chuan-kai out of the bathroom: 3
Number of times I have whacked Indigo indy1725 in the nose with my elbow while we were sleeping because I dreamed he told me to roll over: 1
Number of 8-bit Tarot cards Indigo has designed: 40
Number of episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that Indigo and I have watched: 36
Number of miles I ran last week: 14
Number of miles I ran in 60 minutes last night without any water or breaks: 6
Number of encores the Mountain Goats played last night: 2
Percentage of Mountain Goats and/or John Darnielle concerts I have attended since moving to Portland at which Michael jonatthebar has been present: 100
Number of Mountain Goats song titles that I have learned the meaning of from reading the endnotes to Infinite Jest: 1
Time, in months, that it took for me to get my own Subversion and VPN accounts at work instead of using someone else's: 8
Time, in days, that it took Jesse jes5199: 4
Number of Google job interviews that Alex oniugnip has had: 8
Total number of job interviews that I've probably had in my entire life: 8
Number of computers that my job has bought for me: 2
Number that I've taken out of the box yet: 1
Number of months I spent in 2006 as a freelancer: 6
Rank of 2006 among years for which I have been terrified to do my taxes: 1
Number of 88-key weighted keyboard instruments per capita at Happy House: 1.3
Number of "Christmas presents" received from Maya leadsynth since the beginning of March: 2
Number of said presents that were a 3-DVD set of the best of DuckTales: 1
Percentage of my entire DVD collection that has been purchased for me by Maya: 100
Minimum number of times that Paul stereotype441 and Monica keystricken went for bubble tea during Monica's first 24 hours in Portland: 2