July 27th, 2006

WellonsCon Proceedings, Day the Second

Matt and I met at my house and drove over to Free Geek for FOSCON, where we ran into Jesse jes5199. Wellons turned up shortly thereafter, and Eryn driedruesunday got there in time to catch a couple of the presentations, too. In order, they were: Easy ways to do distributed programming in Ruby (really cool -- in 20 minutes, the presenter wrote a server/client program to search for primes, and about three people in the audience had it running and reporting back to his machine); a Ruby/DHTML turn-based strategy game (done in about eleven minutes, although this guy cheated a lot by including a library he'd written previously and writing all the JavaScript and HTML ahead of time); a project underway to implement Ruby in Ruby, so that people who don't want to use C can contribute to the language development effort; a bunch of tips and tricks to make your programming environment more enjoyable (nothing earth-shattering, mostly just a bunch of aliases, but some neat stuff I wouldn't have thought of); and finally, a whiteboardy overview of design by contract, which took me right back to 151.

We missed the last presenter, because we had to get over to IABP and meet up with Leigh the_great_leigh, Roy royhuggins, and Dan dan_o_m to see Electra eliciel's belly dance performance. She was fantastic. Matt had to take off after that, but the rest of us headed over to Pied Cow for coffee and dessert. We toasted the end of Roy's web-development-for-money career, and Wellons handed out some goodies from the conference and told us about the presenter who took off all his clothes on stage. Tonight: Apache cocktail party.