April 30th, 2006

SFoT #13

I was just out in the studio with Brian. We've been practicing every Sunday, and I can't believe how well it's going -- it almost doesn't make sense that I can feel that I'm accomplishing so much and yet still have nothing to show for it, week after week. But recording is just one tiny part of what a band does, and we're working on doing the other things first -- and that's good. Still, it's a pretty strange disconnect to sit down after practice every time and think, "Hmm. Do I have anything new for the podcast yet? ...Right. No." But it will be better for having taken the time to get it right.

Shoebox Full of Tapes #13: You're Beautiful. I need to do some redirect voodoo for the old URI(s). I'll do that sometime when I haven't just gotten done running eighteen miles followed by practicing for three hours, or sometime when it's not midnight and I don't have to work in six hours. Thanks for listening! You all kick ass.

(shoeboxtapes will be your best friend!)