April 10th, 2006

Twenty-four is my age; eighteen is my gauge!

For my birthday a week ago, Amanda gave me a new sparkly:

Nose piercing!

This was my first piercing, aside from my ears in third grade which have long since closed up, but it was incredibly easy and non-intimidating. We went to Black Hole, where Josh and Brian helped me pick out jewelry. I had been thinking of getting my birthstone, but decided at the last minute that I didn't want a big piece of bling on my face and instead picked out a blue lapis set in white gold.

Brian was an excellent piercer. The needle and other instruments were still in their original packaging; Brian demonstrated how he was opening them just for me, then marked on my nose where he thought the stud should go and had me check it out in a mirror to make sure that I was okay with the placement. He put on new gloves, then had me do some "deep breathing exercises" which had me good and distracted when he actually pierced me. It was fast and nearly painless.

Nose piercing!

It doesn't hurt and seems to be healing up nicely. Nostril piercings supposedly take a very long time to heal; I'm supposed to soak it in salt water for five to ten minutes, twice a day for four to six months. At first it was awkward to hold my nose in a mug of salt water for that long, but I'm actually starting to enjoy it; I can't really do anything else while I'm soaking it, and it's nice sometimes to do nothing at all for a few minutes and just relax and enjoy the warm water and the slight effervescent feeling that I guess comes from the salt. So far, most of my friends haven't noticed, or they've thought that something is different but they're not sure what. Heh. I think that's a good thing; it means that I picked a piercing that's well suited to my face and my personality.