March 19th, 2006

New favorite route!

Twelve miles today. I was pretty nervous about the part that goes along the river; I knew there was supposed to be a trail next to the railroad tracks, but I'd heard that it was under construction, and it looked like it went through a closed amusement park, and I didn't know if the trail would be open if the park was closed and closed amusement parks are creepy anyway, and. Uncertainty! But it all turned out okay; the trail runs right next to the park, but not through it, and while a sign warned of possible construction going on, I didn't encounter any. This route also goes through the pretty Reed campus, and there's lots of fun downhill.

The unusually sunny weather isn't hurting, either! Soon, I'll cross the river. Oh yes. Maybe even next week.

SFoT #7

Rejected tag lines from the official unofficial SFoT tag line committee:

  • Shoebox Full of Tapes: Because MySpace can blow me. -- lindseykuper
  • Shoebox Full of Tapes: It's not about podcasting! -- lindseykuper (dammit!)
  • Shoebox Full of Tapes: Right where you left it. -- flaccus
  • Shoebox Full of Tapes: Eight tiny little songs per side. -- flaccus (Why eight? I don't know!)
  • Shoebox Full of Tapes: Bees come down! Bees come down! -- terror_firma
  • Shoebox Full of Tapes: Feeding the elephant. -- terror_firma
  • Shoebox Full of Tapes: No Galaga references. -- lindseykuper and terror_firma (You probably shouldn't ask.)

Shoebox Full of Tapes #7: Compromise. Thanks for listening!

(shoeboxtapes will be your best friend!)