March 16th, 2006

We're adding a persistent search feature to our product, and today at work I was trying to figure out what we might want to call it. Apple uses the term Smart Folders, which is okay, but I'm having a hard time saying it with a straight face. Search Folders is too Outlook-y. I'm leaning toward Saved Searches, but I also don't like not having Folders in the name, since the point is supposed to be that you can treat the grouping as you would a normal, static folder. Is Saved Search Folders too long?

Anyway, I found while Googling around for ideas, and, okay, three things of note. First, he did a really neat thing with the logo; I especially dig how the dot can go either way. Eh? Eh? Second: he did a really neat thing with the logo. See how it's always centered, yet it lines up with the grid background regardless of the viewport width? That's some clever scripting right there.

Third, it's the only non-LJ site I've ever seen to implement OpenID! Cool. Unfortunately, it signs me as "" and without a link. Come on, OpenID. If LiveJournal knows my name, you should too.