December 16th, 2005

Give vicariously through me

I have about $50 in a checking account at the F&M Bank in Grinnell, Iowa. It's been sitting there for eight months, untouched except for the $1.58 that the bank subtracts every month to cover the pro-rated annual fee for the ATM card I lost in Bellingham in April.

I wanted to see about closing my account and getting the money sent to me, so I called the 800 number on my statement. By mashing 0 I eventually managed to speak to a nice lady who informed me that in order to get my money and close my account without actually setting foot in my bank 1800 miles away, I have to write a memo stating as such and send it by U.S. mail to "Attn: Account Closing 003052" at some random address in Flint accompanied by a notarized letter.

Yeah, no.

I wanted to give to the Red Cross for Christmas this year, preferably in an amount of at least $50. I don't really have $50. (PowerBook, plane tickets home, saving one-third of my income for the future -- you know how it is.) But I do have $50 in Grinnell for anyone who wants to walk into the bank and claim it. I'll email you the account number and all other account-related information. Just go in, get the money, get yourself a coffee or something for your trouble, and please donate the rest. You can even have the tax deduction.

Any takers?