May 17th, 2005

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Maya leadsynth and Michael mrr are going to move in together. Maya got her dream job at Sound Advice. Chris underwhelm's going to law school, I'm running a marathon in two weeks, Jim is about to be teaching art online full-time, Nate and Ang are getting married and last night we went to see the euphonium pieces written by Rosemary purebugbeauty's boyfriend and performed by J-J meterbridge's former co-worker who's on track to be the best euphonium player in the world (no, really), and it was amazing.

With my five-year high-school reunion approaching, all I can think of is that we've come a long way, you guys. And like they say in the last episode of the show, the hard parts are easier knowing that as freaks and geeks we're probably still a long way from the high points of our lives. May it continue to get better for a while yet.

Cheers to all of us.