January 16th, 2005

Project Make My Computer Not Suck proceeds apace.

I'm digging Gentoo. Most of the buttons on my mouse work. I found an icon theme for Gnome that's really pretty. The heart on the home directory icon reminds me of the Siamese Dream heart. </dork>

I finally have a Linux installation that does everything I need it to, a display I can look at without having to squint, good lighting, and a comfortable chair. This is the way it should have been when I was in school.

Now. Who wants to take a stab at organizing 45k worth of old, disorganized Mozilla bookmarks? It's not a task for the faint of heart. Especially if you're disturbed by certain, uh, proclivities.

Weekend Update

I saw a lot of people this weekend. On Friday night, Amanda hiamanda, Maya leadsynth, Kat-from-our-now-somewhat-defunct-fake-sorority (Alpha Sigma Sigma (ASS)) and I all went to House of Sushi and Noodles for the $10.95 all-you-can-eat sushi. It was great, as usual. Saturday, I saw Rachel geminus and Rachel Fleming for the first time in many months; we had coffee with Maya and Michael mrr. After Rachel and Rachel went home, the rest of us came back to my place. We stayed up until four talking and drinking. I finally went to sleep, then dragged myself out of bed at ten to meet my dad and one of his old Peace Corps buddies for brunch. Maya and Michael were there, too, inexplicably awake and on time. We went to the Heartland Cafe, which was good, and finally I journeyed out to Rachel geminus's place (two trains, one bus, zero degrees -- I kinda miss the Buick-boat) to watch Saved! with Rickey, Emily, Amanda, and the Rachels. I'm sort of overwhelmed to have seen so many people whom I hadn't seen in such a long time.

At work, they just gave me a building key and showed me how to use the security alarm. (So now, I can be at work even MORE! Yay.) But seriously, it's nice to be trusted. I remember how the little Goodwill store where I worked in high school trusted me with the keys, and how they let me make decisions and do all kinds of different things involved in running the store. By contrast, the big Goodwill where I worked one summer during college pretty much only let me do one thing, and I wasn't even trusted to count my own cash drawer. Since then, I've known that I've wanted to work someplace more like the little Goodwill. And that's how it is.