November 14th, 2004

Tired, sore, and happy

My headphones have been b0rked for a few weeks. Not having working headphones makes me lose all my motivation to go running. Not going running makes me irritable, depressed, and irrational. Instead of, you know, going to Radio Shack and buying a freakin' pair of headphones, for crying out loud, I came up with all sorts of excuses. Until today, I had actually been considering joining a gym in order to get my motivation back. (I'm not really sure how I was expecting that to work. See "irrational", above.) But this morning, I dug through J-J meterbridge's box of extra cables and found another pair of headphones that worked for running. I borrowed them, went for a fast six-mile run, and bam, I feel awesome again, even though my legs aren't entirely thrilled about the situation...

Last night, Maya leadsynth's friend Nick nickdiscredit organized a massive trip to a diner with twenty-four other people -- friends and friends of friends (I don't think any were friends of friends of friends without also being friends of friends, but I'm not sure). After Maya, Amanda hiamanda and I all got there, I realized that I already randomly knew at least one other person in the group. I love that!

Tonight, Joy Yee's with some of the same people.

I will buy a real bed this week. That's a promise. And I'm going to clean the bathroom, too. It needs it.