May 2nd, 2004

Yesterday was the first eighteen-mile run of my life.

It was also the first day when I've really been 100% sure that I would be capable of running the marathon. My previous long runs only got up to a little more than half the race distance, so it was hard to tell if I'd be able to keep that up. However, yesterday when I got done, I realized that running another 8.2 miles didn't seem impossible. This is not to say that it seemed like fun, but it did seem possible.

If you're curious, it took me 3.5 hours to finish the run, which includes the walking breaks I took. (I took three normal, two-minute breaks and two longer, several-minute, drink-water-and-stretch-and-pee breaks.) When I signed up, they wanted an estimate for my finish time, and I told them five hours, 45 minutes. Now I'm wondering if my estimate was high, since I bet I could do those last 8.2 miles in just a little over an hour and a half, putting me at five hours total. However, the real race might be windier, and it could rain or something, and the aid stations might be congested with people, slowing me down. Of course, I'm not really going for time, but I want to do my best. (If this paragraph seems way too obsessive, it's because I spent 3.5 hours yesterday not thinking about much else.)

After all this training, I'm still not really sure why I'm running the marathon. I don't think I'm sane. At all. I think you have to be crazy to want to run a marathon. That's probably why they make you sign a form ensuring that you're not. Shades of Catch-22...

Also, last night was our Spring Waltz here in Grinnell. I haven't been going out much and so it was a real pleasure to dress up and do my hair and everything. I had wanted to wear a blue, sequiny strapless dress that I got just for Waltz, but while trying it on yesterday, I realized that strapless-ball-gown + obvious-sports-bra-tan-lines-from-running-outside = BAD. So instead I wore a black velvet dress that was a little more conservative and a little less fun to wear, but I got compliments on it, and it hid the lines and saved me from looking uber-trashy. I'm looking forward to wearing the blue one someday, though, since it's the fanciest dress I've ever owned.

Anyway, Waltz was fun. A highlight was when Joanna moonbeanjo and my friend Avram and I decided that we were going to find a way to sneak in our own drinks. We went to the science building vending machine and got three Minute Maid orange juices which we drank a little of, then cleverly topped off with vodka. Then we hid our remaining vodka in the MathLAN and dashed off to Waltz. (But not before checking our email in the MathLAN. Because we're awesome like that.) Avram's suit jacket concealed the bottles nicely, and once we were in, I bragged about our success way more than necessary, just like I'm doing now.