April 11th, 2004

The show last night went really well!

We kept our set to only five songs, mostly 'cause we've only been practicing together for a few weeks and don't know many songs yet.

Set list:

  • Chase
  • Rock Star Girl
  • I Remember Everything
  • You're Beautiful
  • Try Not to Stare

It was frustrating because I couldn't really hear myself -- I only had one monitor, and it wasn't really doing the job. At times, I had to bang on the keys and really overextend my voice to hear myself at all. But given that, I thought a couple of the songs went very well, especially "I Remember Everything". If I get a chance to master and rip, I'll put a live version of that one up on the website. It would be nice to have, since we don't have a real recording of it up yet. There are also loads of photos forthcoming from this show, and some video, too, thanks to nice people in the audience. We got a pretty good crowd response at this show. Last time I played Gardner, there were about five people listening and a hundred hipsters ignoring me, but this time it was much different. It helped to have a fiery little song like "Chase" to kick off with.

As for John Vanderslice and his band, not only did they play an absolutely mind-blowing set, but they (and their managers/merch ladies) were all extremely nice people. Scott, the keyboardist, gave me a free CD (in addition to the one I bought) and a lot of advice on what kind of Wurlitzer to get (lest I forget: 200A). We got into a conversation about how I really liked that component of their sound and how it kinda reminded me of Mates of State, and JV said, "Hey, I saw those guys' first show ever!" Don't you love how the indie music world is so freakin' small?

Anyway, it was fun opening for them, and I hope it can happen again sometime, because I don't have enough fun. I no longer have a life. Weeks are All Homework, All The Time, and weekends are All Practice, All The Time because I'm trying to be in what amounts to three bands: my band, Industrial Theme Park (my friend Joe's band), and a jazz ensemble which is as yet unnamed. The jazz group rehearsed tonight, minus our drummer who was a no-show, but I partly forgive him because he apparently locked his keys in his car. We have a new upright bassist, which makes us a fivesome of piano, alto sax, guitar (theguiterrorist, actually), bass, and drums, and we're making progress on the three tunes I've written so far.

By the way, here are the revised versions of those three tunes, in case people care. I'm posting them more out of pride in the way I made the notation look than pride in the music itself. (Technical aside: If they look bad in your PDF viewer, it's probably because you don't have the necessary fonts (Jazz, JazzText, and Palatino)).