Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

it's my birthday too yeah

I was born around now in the morning. We were six and a half weeks early, which was a bigger deal in 1982, and we were tiny, and I was tinier, and all backwards and upside down and tangled up in the friggin' umbilical cord, and not exactly breathing, and I had a one-minute Apgar of, like, three, and when I finally came out they whisked me away to get me to not die and stuff, and my mom didn't get to hold me.

The subsequent twenty-five years have been much better.

I'm sitting at a coffee shop. I have a big-ass piece of coffee cake and a mug of black, black coffee. I can work from here without having to add anything to /etc/hosts.allow because I'm picking up wifi from my own house half a block down the street. I'm a freakin' software project manager. I got a Women in Science fellowship. I write really good songs. I've run three marathons. I have a boyfriend who makes me cupcakes. I have wonderful friends, wonderful co-workers, wonderful roommates. I better see you all tonight.


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