Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Best. Move. Ever.

I took Friday off work, ostensibly in order to pack. I then proceeded to do nothing all day until 5:30, when I Whirled Into Action and managed to pack just about everything in four hours. Mind you, I did not pack well; I did not pack sanely; I did not pack in any sort of way that would have been at all sensible except for a within-the-same-city move, and not so much even then. But I packed, finished at 9:30, and even had time to go out for a few hours. In the morning, I cleaned for a while -- I actually enjoy that just-before-a-move cleaning time, when the furniture's finally out of the way and you can finally get the whole floor swept -- and then hurried to the store for duct tape and moving-party refreshments. When I got home, I found Roy royhuggins and Electra eliciel chilling in the living room. How great are my friends, that they actually show up early to help me move? We made tea and coffee and packed up some last few odds and ends, and soon Dan dan_o_m and Matt mattgifford and Angela arrived and we went to pick up the little Uhaul truck that I had reserved. Matt had volunteered to drive, and the whole process of getting the truck was pretty easy. I'm telling you, man, for a couple minutes there I felt like an actual grownup.

I think that my friends must have done what heavy lifting there was, because I don't remember doing much of it. Mostly, I remember bustling around collecting forgotten kitchen stuff, running interference for Electra while she took charge of the Tetris-like job of organizing the truck, and authorizing various people to Use Force If Necessary to get items of furniture down the stairs. (The box spring was the hardest part -- we ended up taking a chunk of the doorjamb with it, but we finally got it.) Finally, everything was in the truck, packed, ready to go, and my friends were all standing on the porch waiting for me, when: panic! I wasn't sure I had the key to the new place! I remembered having put it on my keychain a week ago, but I didn't think any of them looked like it -- and if it wasn't on the keychain, then it was either deep in a box somewhere in the truck, or it was Lost And Gone Forever. I fidgeted in the doorway while people said things like "Well, we won't know until we get there," and "You've got a lot of keys there -- it's probably one of them." There was nothing to do but go, so we drove to the new place, we walked up to the front door, I started trying keys -- and, oh frabjous day, the last key I tried was the one! It worked! Relief, joy, excitement -- I turned around to tell everyone it was okay -- and then, precisely at that moment, Indigo indy1725 walked up, kissed me, and said, "I brought cupcakes."

It had started to rain, like it does, so we quickly moved everything inside. It turns out that unloading a truck is much faster than loading it. Somewhere in there, Mike jonatthebar arrived, and we all sat down for pizza, and eventually Daniel Follmer came in time to have some food and help us return the truck. And that was moving. And here I am, surrounded by boxes I still have to unpack and a little dazed at how fast this all happened, but I'm now officially in residence at Happy House. That's right: I live in a house with a name! My new housemates are Chuan-kai and Paul stereotype441. Chuan-kai is a computer science Ph.D. student at PSU. I hope to pick his brain about that. Paul is an accomplished knitter, juggler, pianist, programmer, and designer of high-end stereo components. I hope to pick his brain about everything.


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