Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

June 3, 2007

Save the date. I'm starting training on Tuesday.

I'm using a slightly more challenging schedule this time. Pace running! I've never done that before, and keeping track of my pace seems like a huge annoyance, but I guess I can always do those runs inside at the gym and let the treadmill take care of that part for me. My race pace last year was 10:43, so should I go for 10:30 miles? Or even faster? 10:30 seems slow, but I've got to remember that these are long runs.

I'm trying to convince Wellons to do this with me. He's already running almost eight miles on his own, just for the hell of it, which is more than I was doing before I started training for my first. Because he's Wellons, though, he doesn't think he's ready for a marathon. I'm sure that he is ready, for the same reason.

Whether I'm running by myself or not, I hope as many of you as possible come up to San Juan with me. It's a kick-ass place to spend a weekend in early June.

Tags: marathon 2007

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