Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

You'd better tell your story fast

Four miles; no breaks; Innervisions.

So, now that I'm a little more coherent...I finally saw the Reputation again at Gardner last night. The last time I saw them was over a year ago in Champaign, and I kept just missing them all spring, summer, fall, and winter, so it was really great to see them again, hear the new stuff, and chat with the band. It was a very wild show, wild even by Gardner standards.

For those of you who're interested, the Rep were opening for the Gossip, whom I thought were really good -- I do get weary of that strident KRS kind of sound sometimes, but I really dug them...especially the song that goes "If you don't do nothing else, you gotta take care of yourself". Maybe more on that after I get a chance to listen to their record, Movement, which they were very generous to sell me for the $8 I had, instead of the $10 it cost. And as I think I was saying to Elizabeth from the Rep, the singer is so cute! She has kind of a giggly, ditzy affect when she's talking, but then starts singing and proceeds to burn the place down with her gorgeous Southern wail -- a worthy Kate Pierson successor.

Oh, and I just finished listening to the Vietnam veterans comp on which the Reputation is Quality with a capital Q. And because I'm a big, big Todd Rundgren dork who's been listening to a lot of 70s pop-fusion stuff lately, it was a highlight to hear the Big Heavy Stuff cover of "Hello, It's Me" right before "For What It's Worth".

If anyone's curious, here's some more stuff I wrote about the Reputation, in Colin theguiterrorist's journal (locked entry, sorry).


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