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year's ends

  • I come from a family of farmers (since forever) and farm activists (since more recently), and now my uncle Joel works for Farm Aid. He gave me a "farmers kick ass" shirt, which I love even though, or perhaps because, people keep misinterpreting it as "Farmers: Ninja Democrats!" You can read about his work on the Farm Aid blog. I know I'm going to.
  • I got an offer letter today! Woohoo! I've officially been offered my job. Apparently I'm an "Associate Project Manager", and I get sweet, sweet benefits starting on January first. As my friend Daniel would say, I feel just like a real person now.
  • I got to see flaccus a couple weeks ago and meet his brother, Stephen noip. He was everything that I'd hoped Andrew Cole's brother would be. He was also doodling ambigrams on a napkin the whole time. Something clicked in my head and I was inspired to go home and dig up John Langdon's website, which, besides being awesome, is also one of the first websites I ever saw and the primary reason I've been dorking out over ambigrams for the last ten years. It's gratifying to see that his work has gotten a lot of recognition since then.
  • I'm almost done applying to grad school! When I asked for writing help, pixelherder and Wellons were each willing to share one of their own statements of purpose with me, and both were great. I have to say, though, that Wellons' statement of purpose is quite possibly the most self-deprecating document in the history of grad school applications, as it consists mostly of a list of every software design mistake he feels he has ever made. Andrew's statement, on the other hand, was about computer graphics and was largely incomprehensible to me, but he also sent along the LaTeX source, thus becoming my personal hero. Thanks, guys.
  • For finals week at Grinnell, I made cookies for the MathLAN, as is my custom. Snickerdoodles turn out to be very easy: put two cups of butter, three cups of sugar, five and a half cups of flour, and four eggs in a huge bowl that you stole from your roommate who used to bake professionally. Mix to consistency. Form balls; roll in cinnamon and sugar; bake 8 minutes at 400; cool; package; bike to FedEx. (What I actually used was this, doubled, without the cream of tartar and with all butter instead of shortening, and ignoring step 4.) I'm glad driedruesunday got one, since I think she's the last Grinnell CS major that I personally know. They turned out so well that last week, indy1725 came over and we made more of them, then surprised his friends with them.

See you next year! Or else, you know, uh, this weekend sometime.


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