Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

"I'd like to shake you around and around"

I ran nine miles for the first time today, and it was as close to absolutely perfect as a run can get. (And I've had some really awful runs lately, so it was about time.) The air was crisp and cool, but not cold -- the perfect temperature for ditching my gloves and winter tights, and instead just wearing my favorite old high school track pants and a couple of long-sleeve T-shirts from then. Just wearing that stuff made me feel like I was on a long run at practice, circa tenth grade. Back when I used to be fast.

I was listening to Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. It took exactly one and a half spins to go nine miles -- the first seven tracks for the first three, a two-minute walking break as "Just Like Heaven" began, three more miles with "The Perfect Girl" to keep me going as mile six began, fighting to the end of that mile with "Fight", another two-minute break to catch my second wind as the record started over, and one more time around with the first seven tracks. I really don't know how to explain, or don't want to explain, how much I love that record. Anyway, it was the perfect choice for tonight. I started at 3:45 and finished at 5:30, so I got to watch the sun slip down the edge of the rainbow-hued sky. It was so beautiful, and I kept getting endorphin bursts. I couldn't keep from smiling. I mean, this record isn't all sunshine and lollipops, even as Cure records go -- but when it is, it really, really is. And when it's sad, it makes me happysad, which has some serious advantages over plain old happy.

There was no snow on the ground, and it wasn't slick or muddy -- just delightfully damp, fresh, and springy, which made me go faster, about 105 minutes in all. Not that I'm going for speed, but it sure is nice. And I feel strong and capable and athletic. AND, I've lost (drumroll) a whopping two pounds, which means two more to go before I am "In Normal Range", i.e., not overweight. So that is cool.

I'm sore and exhausted, and my right pinkie toe has a painful blister, and it's almost eight and I have piles and piles of homework to do before I can sleep. But even if I went to bed right now, I'd feel like I accomplished good things today.

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