Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

One last, busy day.

Mom and Dad and I drove out to see the awesome Multnomah Falls, but just barely had time to check it out before being chased back westward by an approaching storm. When we got back into Portland, though, the skies were clear, and so we went to see the Japanese Garden, which turned out to be just as nice in the winter as it was when I went last spring. There were also a couple of Zen monks hanging around, running an exhibit of Jizos for Peace. I made a very badly folded origami Jizo to contribute to the project. Post-Garden, we met up with Joel and went to the White Eagle for a beer, and finally to Montage for dinner with some friends of mine. Yum.

My parents met about a dozen of my friends on this trip, and they seem to really like all of them; all of my friends seem to really like my parents, too. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this is really cool. One of my friends said that my folks project an "aura of confidence and stability". Another was impressed by how politically informed they were. It's true -- I've never had to worry too much about my parents, and I get almost all my political awareness from them, whether directly or indirectly. It amazes me that I have friends who've come a very long way without having had the kind of support that I had from my folks when I was growing up. It gives me a new respect for both my parents and my friends.

Tags: nablopomo 2006

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