Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Thanksgiving 2: Electric Boogaloo

All right, that was kind of a cop-out, and so is this, but I'm already running late to meet people! Um, quickly, then: the chicken was awesome, although it very nearly wasn't. I had the recipe that I thought Matt had recommended, and everything seemed fine until the oven started smoking. I opened the doors and windows, hurriedly pulled the chickens out, and panicked, until royhuggins pointed out that the chickens actually looked exactly how they were supposed to look; it was just that the olive oil I'd rubbed them in starts smoking at temperatures over 375 or so. It doesn't start boiling, thankfully, until much higher temperatures. Still, we turned the oven down and ended up leaving the chickens in a while longer than we thought. Other that that, everything went perfectly! dan_o_m even brought his chocolate fondue fountain, because, you know, when else are you going to use a chocolate fondue fountain?

This morning, Roy, eliciel, Emily, and I went over to the counseling agency where Roy works to get covered in fake pine needles and gold glitter help them decorate for the holidays. Putting up Christmas decorations in a cool old mansion is pretty much as awesome as volunteer gigs get, especially since I might not have another opportunity to decorate a tree this year. They even gave us pizza! I headed back home with the intention of hanging out with my family some more, but ended up sending them out to the Classical Chinese Garden while I satisfied my need for alone time by going to the gym and attempting to re-clean the house, and tonight we're going to show mrr and leadsynth what Portland nightlife is about.

Tags: fixme, nablopomo 2006

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