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In another step on the path toward this whole "adulthood" thing, I'm hosting a Thanksgiving feast myself for the first time this year. This is going to be an interesting dinner party:

  • leadsynth and mrr, who just confirmed that they'll actually be stateside for Thanksgiving, and not in London working for the BBC and Orbitz respectively, and
  • my friend Elena, who will be flying or Amtrak-ing it up from Oakland, and whom I saw on Labor Day weekend for the first time since college and who is just as awesome now as she was then, and
  • my uncle Joel, who organizes concerts and things for Farm Aid and who's coming all the way from Boston on a flight that arrives at PDX on Thanksgiving Day a mere twenty-four minutes before that of
  • my friend Emily, who's awesome and does computational neurobiology at UCSD, and whom I haven't seen since Grinnell, and both of them will be met at the airport by a welcoming committee consisting of me and
  • my mom and dad, neither of whom have been to Portland in many, many years, and both of whom I'm very excited to see and show around, although I'm nervous about what they'll think of my cooking, and
  • Joel's as-yet-unnamed friend from Seattle, whom I'm sure will be cool because she's Joel's friend, and
  • dan_o_m and eliciel and royhuggins, none of whom will have to travel very far because they live here, unlike any of the above, and
  • possibly my friend Daniel from Tacoma, if his other plans don't work out, and
  • possibly hiamanda, although I'm not sure yet, but I hope she can make it, and
  • maybe you! You know, if you want.

This is going to be so, so great. I can't wait to get all of these people around a table with each other. I especially can't wait to see Maya and Mike, because Maya's never been to Portland, and I've visited them in Chicago twice, and they've visited me never. I want them to see the best of what Portland has to offer. What kind of stuff should we do?

Tags: fixme, nablopomo 2006

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