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Because any discussion involving the phrase "the milieu of DuckTales" is absolutely worth preserving

I usually just let these kinds of things fade away when they drop off of Plans, but this one's too good not to hold on to. So, as best I can remember, it started when Elizabeth gelishan wrote:

oh my God I love Square One this is the best love song EVER WRITTEN. That was a CHILDREN'S SHOW ABOUT MATHEMATICS, folks.

I also think it says a lot about me that I remembered all of the theme music from that show but none of the content.

Yes! Exactly. I said:

Similarly, the best thing about the show Reading Rainbow was the theme song. I was always so disappointed when the actual show started. Who cares about reading when you can have singing?

Then I think Michael jonatthebar mentioned something about having danced maniacally to the DuckTales theme song when he was a kid. So of course I felt compelled to counter with:

That's nothing, [andersem]. My sister and I were so enthralled by the DuckTales song that we made my mom figure out what the words were and put them up on the fridge so we could sing along with them every day. You were clearly ahead of me, though. I didn't really start jumping around and rolling on the floor as a means of musical expression until well into eleventh grade.

All of which is true. And then Shelly jumped in to point out that not only was the DuckTales theme song first-rate, but that the show itself was infinitely superior to TaleSpin. To which I say: preach it, sister. But then Nick joined the fray with:

[mills][kuper][andersem], first let us all concur that western civilization peaked at the creation of duck tales. Neither Tale Spin or Darkwing Duck ever fully reached the glory of Duck Tales. Similarly, neither theme song was quite as punchy. But [mills], oh [mills], for-crying-out-loud [mills], you are so detestably wrong about Tale Spin. First and foremost, its song rocked. I'm not sure if I ever pulled an [andersem] and danced to the beat, but when the lyrics go 'hit it!' and then all that ooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ooh ooh stuff started, I was dancing on the inside. My soul was getting down. Then the show was so cool. Sure kit could be a little annoying and the little girl bear clearly had some maturing to do, but come on', a monkey bartender? Who wouldn't want to fly a seaplane to a remote island where there's often live music and an orangatang named louie dispenses alcohol? And let me just say this. If you [kuper] or you [andersem] or you [mills] think you are too good for a bar like that, you are no friends of mine.

Them's fightin' words. I wrote:

Oh, no, [lloyd], no. Speak not the foul name of TaleSpin. First of all, TaleSpin wasn't even part of the milieu of DuckTales, as Darkwing Duck and (even) Quack Pack were. I mean, I naturally distrusted all the DuckTales spinoffs on principle because nothing could ever measure up to DT, but TaleSpin sounded its own death knell when it picked a name that was deliberately designed to evoke DuckTales to impressionable nine-year-olds despite having nothing whatsoever to do with it. Oh, the crushing disappointment.

At this point Michael helpfully pointed out that the chick from Rescue Rangers was hot, to which I couldn't help but respond:

She's Gadget Hackwrench and I'm pretty sure you're not her only fan.

And finally, Sam wanted to know if I had ever read the old Carl Barks duck comics.

No, I didn't, [rebelsky]. I think I may have misrepresented myself here as someone who can appreciate obscure duck-related cultural references, when really, the show could have been about slime molds and I probably would have enjoyed it as much, as long as the theme song was still as catchy. That's my point: the catchy song was, and remains, the single most important factor in my appreciation of DuckTales. In fact, I think that explains why I never really got into comics: they don't have theme songs.


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