Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Creeping Sparrow Syndrome

Dear The Sun,

I love your magazine. I like Sparrow. But do you really have to publish something of his in practically every other issue? If it isn't an essay, it's a reply to something in "Correspondence". In the current issue, it's both! Look, I'm the first to admit that the May "Stupid Design" piece was excellent, but "Fighting CIS" in the September issue isn't really any funnier than a middling Dave Barry column. That's not to say it's entirely without merit, but when the magazine is only 48 pages long, I'm not sure I see why Sparrow (if you count the accompanying photo and, of course, the copious white space you pad his stuff out with) gets to monopolize two of them. And besides the "creeping initial syndrome" thing being -- so far -- the fourth piece of his that you've published this year, he apparently also gets to post his scratch paper on your website, a privilege you don't afford your other authors. What gives?

In a growing trend, Sparrow is replacing other contributors to The Sun. I call it "creeping Sparrow syndrome" (CSS). We must fight this!



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