Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

WellonsCon Proceedings, Day the First

eliciel and royhuggins arrived early and chilled out on the couch while I frantically showered and "finished" "cleaning" the House. Soon after 7:30, Eryn driedruesunday, Leigh, and Wellons turned up. I gave everyone a tour of the House and studio and introduced them to a couple of my roommates before we headed out for sushi. Our quest for such took us on multiple buses and through several neighborhoods on both sides of the river, but we kept getting to places just as they were closing. Finally, we gave up and went to Ringlers. Topics addressed included: Plans; Plans and syndication; LiveJournal; LiveJournal and syndication; past issues with the development of Plans; what it would take to get Roy to use Plans; the color of socks that Roy wore at his wedding; dancing; stripping; the difference between dancing and stripping; my old job; my new job; MUDs; LARPs; Reed College; the craigslist culture; what editor do you use?; food allergies; food intolerances; cooking; Portland; TriMet; Google Transit; is Google evil?; how, exactly, does one sneak into OSCON?; boobs; and this-was-awesome-see-you-guys-on-Wednesday.



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