Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

In which I make a fool out of myself while doped up on pain meds, but Tryst ends up with a show

Last Wednesday, I was celebrating the extremely recent loss of my last two wisdom teeth by going to the White Eagle, mostly to see Douglas Shepherd. The show was part of a formerly last-Wednesday, now second-Wednesday singer/songwriter series called Cocktail Hour. Douglas introduced me to some of his friends, and we were sitting around talking when I noticed that there was a Blanket Music CD sitting on the table. Now where had I seen that before?

A couple of months previously, I had ended up on a Hush Records mailing list that provides links to free mp3s of Hush artists, the idea being that bloggers, if they enjoy the songs, will write them up and give Hush some free publicity in exchange for the free music. When I'd discovered that I was getting these links, I had written back, saying, "This is wonderful, thanks. How did I end up on your mailing list?", and Chad at Hush had replied, saying that it was because I was a contributor to a popular mp3 blog. The thing is, I wasn't. But I also wasn't about to complain, because they were sending me awesome free music! So when I saw this CD, I thought, "Oh, yeah, the Hush mailing list," and proceeded to tell the story of how I had mysteriously been added to this uber-top-secret blogger list by accident; I think I said, "Chad Crouch thinks I have a popular mp3 blog!" or something equally dorky.

Everyone was laughing, but I wasn't really sure why; it was around then that Douglas informed me that I was in fact sitting next to Chad Crouch at that moment. Well, at first I was terribly embarrassed and wished I'd kept my mouth shut; then I was all, "Please don't take me off the list!" Chad promised he wouldn't, although we were both stumped as to how I had ended up on it in the first place; it's not like SFoT counts as an mp3 blog in the sense that he was going for, let alone a popular one. Talking about the podcast, though, led to talking about the band, and that led to talking to Barbara Mitchell, who curates the Cocktail Hour shows, and so this is actually all an extremely roundabout way of explaining that Tryst now has another show. In, um, August. I was too late for June or July, but hey, a show is a show. We might be a real band yet! So, consider this a distant early warning: August 9th, again at the White Eagle, 9 p.m. or so. If you've never been, it's a nice place. Plus, the show is free! Well, you probably ought to buy something to drink or eat, but refills on Diet Coke are free, making this show the absolute best entertainment value in Portland if you're neither eating nor drinking alcohol, as a consequence of your mouth being full of gauze and your bloodstream of Vicodin. I would know.

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