Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Wag the dog

Brian and I are playing a show. Sort of. Which means, there'll be flyers. Which means, we need a name to put on the flyers. A name for our band.

It's kind of hilarious, because it's the opposite problem from the one I've always been afraid of having, which is being one of those people who have a band name but not a band. Even in college, Tanny, J.P., and I were "Lindsey Kuper and her band" because to call it anything else would have been...well, you know. The second you give something a name, you're saying, "Hey, look! This is something!" In fact, some folks have it that to name is to create*, and I think I can understand why. And, despite most of the Freesound comp contributors trying to pull it off every year, I don't think there can ever really be any such thing as ironically having a band name, for the same reason I believe there's no such thing as ironically being an asshole. Sooner or later, you're...just an asshole.

Right. So, the name. When we spoke on the phone today, Brian was very nice and aw-shucks-let's-just-use-your-name, but the thing is that this time I want there to be a clear break with the past, and a I think a new name would be a nice way to do that. Besides, I want to convey that this is us, not me-and-some-people. It wouldn't be happening if it weren't for him.

* Didn't this come up in Snow Crash, just briefly, in one of the Sumerian-creation-myth bits? I couldn't say for sure, since I kind of glossed over those to get to the sex-and-violence bits faster, but I mean, c'mon, there's a big, juicy, low-hanging analogy to programming right there.


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