Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Idealism ahoy!

Man, it drives me crazy when I read things like "It is uncertain whether Autodesk plans to add Firefox support to other products", and I finally figured out why.

You can't really add Firefox support to an existing product, not in the way that that iTunes can add support for podcasts or LiveJournal can *ahem* *cough* add support for trackback. You can't bake a cake for Internet Explorer and then stick some Firefox frosting on top later -- not without having a cake that sucks. The Firefox support has to be mixed into the batter right from the beginning. Actually, even the term "Firefox support" is a misnomer, because it makes it sound like something proprietary, like something that you have to go take a Mozilla-branded class, or pass the Firefox Certified Developer Exam, in order to learn how to do. Pfft. There's no such thing as "Firefox support". There's just standards-based design, which will work in every modern browser, and there's nonstandard design, which you take your chances with.

Tags: programming

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