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Burning at both ends

Sitting together in airports
Sharing a fabulous quest

I seem to have been sitting in airports quite a lot lately. The Book of Power has seen its share of gray plastic security bins, and I've drunk my share of questionable coffee and learned that it's farther from Portland to Chicago than it is from Chicago to Portland, but at least leadsynth and mrr are unfailingly there for me when I arrive. I can't think of any two people with whom I would have rather spent six hours in the car on the way to Iowa for Christmas, with oh-snaps and innuendo flying thick and fast and a sleepy Ninja on my lap. It was a great Christmas. I saw relatives I hadn't seen in years, everyone relaxed and getting along, letting their guard down, peeling off their inhibitions, so much so that at one point I just had to lean over and whisper to Mike, "Best family get-together ever!"

I've put off writing about The Holidays for so long because I'm still trying to sort it out in my own head. I flew back to Chicago again for a work holiday party on the sixth and spent a crazy weekend hanging out with matchgirl, geminus, meterbridge, hiamanda, Maya, and Mike. terror_firma and I were in town for fewer than 48 hours, but we managed to fit in lots of fun things: museuming, Golden Nugget, sushi, billiards, networking, drunken Trivial Pursuit, experimentally wrapping ourselves around each other. It was all so much fun that we completely forgot about staking out the 37signals office like I'd planned, which leads me to believe that perhaps I'm less of a loser than previously thought. Will said, "It's almost like friends are more important than things!"

One of my co-workers even pulled me aside all, "What's going on with you and the guy?" Heh. As if I'm not the last person who would know the answer to that. I found myself getting back to Portland not wanting to do anything much other than start my new job, play my new songs, work on my uber-top-secret lifehacking project that only Will knows about, and nurse this particular proto-crush for a while. Perhaps there will be doughnuts. And modular carpet tiles.

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