Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Okay, second day.

You guys are going to get really, really sick of me talking about running. I ran the same route as before, but I made it very slightly longer this time, because I discovered that it's listed as 2.99 miles on the cross-country team's map, and it drives me crazy not to run a complete three. (Listened to Flux this time.)

The running itself isn't bad at all. (Yet. We'll see what I say when I have to start running more than three.) It's cold out, but I have toasty warm running tights and gloves and whatnot. However, I really need to do something about my head and neck.

I checked today after running to see if I had lost any weight since school started. I haven't. My body also doesn't look any different. I feel good, though.

Besides the running thing, I'm also trying to eat better. I've instituted a new policy of not eating after dinner. It was really hard at first, but I've been doing it for ten days and now it's just normal. If I wait a little while after dinner to just let myself feel full, then I feel full. Also, I'm taking a break from eating meat. I've been meat-free since school started a week and a half ago. I don't know if either of those things are going to actually affect my health, but it makes me feel good about myself to know that I have some sort of willpower.

Tags: marathon 2004

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