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Only in Portland

Today was awesome.

Andrew flaccus, Nate, and Marissa came over, and we got to show them the House and the studio. As the place gets more put together, I get more and more excited about people coming to see it, and the fact that I cleaned recently doesn't hurt either. Amanda is understandably proud of the studio. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it's amazing. As I was walking in behind them, I distinctly heard the words, "Wow, it's like a fantasy!" coming from either Nate or Andrew. Quite. Best of all, at one point Andrew said something like, "All this house needs is a secret passageway." So, of course, Jon showed them the secret passageway from Amanda's room to her bathroom. That pretty much tops my list of all-time favorite House moments. After they left, another of Amanda's friends came over for a tour of the place as well, and she really dug my loft, which is a good feeling. Also, I moved all my mail and bookmarks from my work computer to the Book of Power. It was surprisingly simple despite the OS switch (say it with me: yay for standards), and I'm one step closer to clean livin'.

Tonight Amanda, Jon and I went out to a bar where she and two others were judging a karaoke competition. It turned out one of the judges was actually a circuit court judge. Jon knew her from jury duty. Only in Portland, man. I met two guys, Joe and Scott, who came to the bar bearing skateboards. It turned out they went to college in Bellingham, so we talked about the San Juan Islands and the marathon, and it turned out that Joe knows people I might be able to stay with if (increasingly when) I go up there, so I got his contact info (thanks in no small part to the awesome PicoPad that Will terror_firma gave me). He said, "If you go, stay as long as you possibly can. It's an amazing place." I'm getting so excited about it!

The karaoke was fantastic -- probably the best I've ever seen. There was a killer "Cult of Personality" and an absolutely amazing "White Rabbit". Finally, with Amanda's judging duties satisfied, we went around the corner to Voodoo Doughnut, where there were a crowd of disappointed-looking hipsters standing around outside, and a large "Sold Out" sign on the door, but not to be deterred, we went in. The first thing that happened was that Amanda recognized the guy behind the counter from the bar where we had just been. The next thing was that someone else came out of the back, and she recognized him as the third judge from the competition! We started talking, and it turned out that he was the owner! They explained that some guy had just bought out all their doughnuts (it seems he'd come in, slapped $100 down on the counter, and said "What can I get for this?", and they'd given him the entire store's worth), but then the first guy produced a couple of hot doughnuts that he'd apparently been keeping back and said, "These are the last two we've got." We bought them for $2 and tipped $2. Amanda handed me a piece of doughnut, but just as I was going to eat it, someone else came through the door looking for doughnuts. I said, "They don't have any left, but do you want this?" and offered it to him. He was blown away -- and accepted gratefully! Then the owner leaned out the door and told everyone outside that there were no more doughnuts and that they should leave...while we all stood inside licking our fingers. Crazy.

The doughnut guys brought out a stack of flat pink doughnut boxes and began assembling them, telling us all, "Nothing else going on here, unless you want to help make boxes." I said, "I'll make a box!" So we grabbed boxes and began putting them together and stacking them against the wall. Everyone helped, and we made a big stack of boxes very quickly. The doughnut guys were impressed!

Finally, it was time to go. As we walked back to the car, we were all kind of in a daze from what had happened. We knew the owner of Voodoo Doughnut! It was a bizarre, wonderful end to the day. Really, the only thing that could have possibly improved upon it was coming home and reading this.

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