Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

Ready for round three?

Another year, another marathon. I've been looking around for spring marathons in this part of the country, and I'm strongly considering doing the San Juan Island Marathon in June.

Just getting there would be an adventure. It's on an island in Puget Sound half an hour north of Seattle by (small, rickety) plane; longer (but possibly cheaper) by Washington State Ferry. The course covers a large part of the island and goes right along the coast and through a state park at one point. More impressive than running through a closed theme park on the Chicago lakefront, I can tell you.

I like the idea of the race being on a remote island. A marathon is a social event for some folks, but for me it's more of a personal event. And since I'm going to have to travel to get to the race anyway (I don't think Portland has any spring marathons), why not go somewhere beautiful that I wouldn't ordinarily go?

Well, training would start in about a month, so I have that long to decide...

Tags: marathon 2006

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