Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

It's been some kinda crazy year

Finally got to see eliciel last night! She and royhuggins came over with dan_o_m in tow, whom I also hadn't seen in ages. I got to show off the House and studio to everyone. The studio's looking impressive these days with its new paint, lighting, and such, and Amanda demonstrated some of her new gear for us. I get the feeling that Roy could have geeked out in there all night, but Dan was getting kind of impatient, so I herded us inside and upstairs to see my part of the House.

When we went upstairs, it struck me how empty my loft is. It's that way out of necessity, because I'm trying to save money and because it's hard to move things up my stairs, but I think I like it that way. I've gotten some stuff, I've gotten rid of other stuff, and I'm very nearly at the point where I have everything I need and nothing I don't. Anyway, it was nice and I felt proud to show it to my friends. And then we made cocktails and watched A Mighty Wind, which was terrific. The others suggested going to a strip club afterward. (Roy: "Lindsey, if you feel like going out after the movie, we have a proposal." Lindsey: "Is it a modest proposal?" Dan: "An immodest proposal, actually.") I didn't really feel up to it, but they ended up going anyway. (Electra wrote about it later -- I thought her take on it was interesting, since she studies dance and used to teach a sex class, but had never been to a strip club before last night.)

So, today, I'm going on a date! Like, with a boy! Exciting. Tonight is arielgodwin's New Year's party, of course, and'll be 2006. Damn. It's been some kinda crazy year. I'd like to write an official holiday/end-of-year recap soon, but I don't think The Holidays will be over in my mind until after the office holiday party on the 6th, so I think I'll wait until then. In the meantime, I have a couple of New Year's resolutions, but I'm keeping them to myself.


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