Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

"A phrase in connection first with she I heard"

Here's a fun little haiku meme, courtesy of my sister. It goes through your journal, grabs bits of text here and there, and generates haiku based on what you wrote. Most of mine made no sense, but I managed to get a few decent ones.

This one's cool:

it's not enough i
like my tendency to keep
the melody on

I don't know how this one came about, but it's awesome (you have to know that Maya leadsynth is my sister):

lead synth mom and dad
still don't have to say that it's
a party in here

This one creeps me out, especially since it comes from two places in my journal:

hospital with two
fractured hips i had to
drag my heavy-ass

This one worked out interestingly. A then/now change and a cadence, eh?

playing at schuba's on
sunday night with a then/now
change and a cadence

And here's my favorite, also from at least two places in my journal:

shopping and i would
kidnap him and help him set
up his linux box


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