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I keep a lot of stuff. At any given time, I typically have an Enormous Pile O' Crap that's been collecting on my desk desk and floor desks for several months. Until Sunday evening, this was the case. (The pile predated its current location. By, um, a lot. To give you an idea of how old some of it was, my ticket from Intonation in July was in was the program from something else I went to in May.1 When I moved, I basically shoved the pile into a sack and then dumped it out again at my new place, where it continued to grow.)

Well, on Sunday I attacked the pile and beat it into submission. I've managed to file, throw away, or shred almost everything that was in the pile (yay!), but there's a little bit of stuff left that I haven't been able to find a place for, and this is where things get dangerous. It doesn't seem like things are bad, but I know how I am. If left un-dealt with, this little bit of stuff will become the nucleus of a new six-month pile. I'm hoping that if I eradicate it, then the new pile won't be able to form -- just like you can't make sourdough bread without starter. (Speaking of which. moonbeanjo, you're not that far from San Francisco. Would you send me some? Mmm. Yeah. Anyway.) So, it's time to get rid of the pile once and for all. Let's do it together.

  • Two printed copies of the Gentoo Handbook. One is beautifully printed in color on quality paper and has nothing written on it. The other is poorly printed in grainy black on crappy, mismatched paper, and has lots of useful notes written on it. For a long, long time, I've been meaning to transfer my handwritten notes over to the good copy and then get rid of the bad copy. This, of course, will never happen. I think I'm gonna give up on this, especially since it's probably in a new version by now anyway. Yup. And it's all printed on one side only (what was I thinking?), so into the scratch-paper stash it goes.
  • The USB cable that goes with leadsynth's camera. *squirm* Sorry. But the good news is that it's already in a padded envelope, so I'll just mail it to, wait, this really needs to happen. I'm going to address it and put stamps on it right now. Hold on. ...There. Back. I hope 5 x 37 cents is enough. I'll walk to the post office tomorrow. I will.
  • A Country Curtains catalog with a Post-It on the cover detailing a whole bunch of curtains and hardware that I still want to get for my bedroom, office, and living room, but haven't yet, 'cause, y' know, money and all. Hmm...they do have a website, and I do have the item numbers written down...the hell do I still need the catalog for? OK, Post-It going on the wall and catalog going in the trash. Check.
  • The one lonely, damaged Act 4 Still Coming Together CD that was never sold. I didn't sell it because it had a marker schmear on it, and I didn't want anyone to get a damaged product. The trouble is that someone wanted it anyway, but I wanted to confirm with her that it was okay to get something damaged, and she never got back to me. There are only 200 of these in the world. I don't want to throw it away. I guess I start a new file folder. *makes folder, files CD*
  • A handful of receipts to do with Still Coming Together business. Glad I made that file.
  • My CPR/first aid certification card, expired in June. Right. Trash.
  • Receipt and expense reimbursement form for the network adapter I bought for work six weeks ago. I was supposed to send this to the office. Embarrassingly, I haven't made it to a fax machine yet. I'm scared; I don't know how those fax places work! Well, screw it; y'know what? I'm going to the post office tomorrow anyway; I'll just mail it. *makes envelope* My co-workers will laugh, but it's better than leaving it undone.
  • "Fuck Censorship" bumper sticker. Um...*slaps on side of computer* There.
  • Some drawing paper I bought when I was thinking about taking a drawing class. Guess what? Still thinking about it! Into the file cabinet it goes.
  • CDs: Mountain Goats; some files from a freelance gig; Flux AD; a mix that I have at least one other copy of. Put away; file; put away; trash.
  • Scrap of paper with track listing from a Zwan bootleg, circa 2002. I have the CD; I'll put it with that. I might care someday.
  • And a map of Portland. Sweet. I'll put it in the "Portland" file.

Wow. Whew. That's it. Pile gone. And I think I learned something about myself, too...

  1. Yeah, I keep and file programs and tickets from every event I attend. In theory, at least. I keep wristbands, too, but I think I might stop doing that. I have no use or desire for them, and somehow "ability to remove wristbands intact" isn't quite the ninja skill it used to be.

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