Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

What a fantastic day.

I had a very productive day at work, wherein I finished a project that's been hanging over my head for a week. In fact, I got so much done that I was able to *gasp!* leave work on time. I took a long hot shower and played the piano for a while, and then arielgodwin came over. After a trip to the mailbox with a check (repeat 100x: "I will pay off the PowerBook"), and some futzing around trying to figure out how to get all our gear moved out to the studio and plugged in and working, Ariel (guitar) and Bill (drums) and I played for two hours. We worked on five or six songs and made tons of progress. I'm especially excited about what we're doing with "Recent Scars", which I wrote well over a year ago, but which has gone through a lot of revision since then. I never thought it was all that great of a song, but when we play it as a group, somehow it's our best one.

Afterward, Ariel and I decided on a whim to make Sweet Potato-Tortilla Pie from a cookbook that my CS adviser gave to all his students as a graduation present. I love sweet potatoes, and this recipe also had lots of cheese and cilantro and jalapeno and just general flavor wonderfulness. It turned out more a casserole than a pie, really, since the tortillas kind of disintegrated, but that's okay. They left behind that subtle masa flavor that was all the more impressive to me since you couldn't really tell where in the food it was coming from. Anyway, the book is highly recommended.

But the best part of my day?

After we got done playing, we all sort of mumbled to each other all we-should-do-this-again and what's-your-schedule-like for ten minutes, and it was rather inconclusive, and then Bill went downstairs to his room. But a little while later, he came back upstairs to where Ariel and I were cooking, and he was like, "So, this time on Thursday should be a regular thing, then?" Ariel was in favor of that, of course, and I managed to control my excitement and say yes, but as soon as he left -- Ariel can attest to this -- I started hugging myself and jumping up and down.

I love playing music with people. I love it enough that I can tolerate having to coordinate everyone's schedules and nag people to show up on time and print out the lyric sheets and send out the five million emails and all that crap. But what I can't tolerate is having to pretend like I don't care and be all casual and "sure, let's jam sometime" when what I really want to know is do you really want to do this or not, because if you don't, then we shouldn't be wasting each other's time. But you're not allowed to ask that question too early, so I usually never get to ask it. Bill did a great thing for me today by taking a little bit of the let's-be-serious-about-this burden off of me.

But, more importantly, I have people who want to play with me on a regular basis! This is so awesome. This is why I'm here.


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