Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper


I was just going to write about how Matt and I just came back from a craigslist mission with area rugs for my place, and we had a great conversation all about music and attention and some other stuff, and I was going to write about how excited I am to finally have rugs and how nice this big one looks in my bedroom, and I was actually going to sit down and write all about last weekend and about Roy royhuggins's new house (Electra eliciel, you're gonna love it) and about getting to meet and hang out with Roy's and Ariel arielgodwin's friends and later getting to hang out with my friend Daniel and dork out over public transportation and espresso with him. I was going to do all that. But the fact is that as I was unrolling that big rug that looks great in my bedroom, I nudged the corner of my Yamaha keyboard, the one with the flaky power connection, and somehow the keyboard just came on, and it hasn't come on in weeks due to said flakiness, and I'm just about to be able to play for the first time in weeks and there was so much I was going to write about instead but I can't because this is way, way too important and I need to get my hands on the keys now.


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