Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

For Caroline snafuuu

WHEREAS Will terror_firma and James and I have started an Exciting New Software Project, and

WHEREAS we're moving from planning to programming, and I can't help with the programming unless I'm using Unix something or other, because otherwise it's just too hard, and

WHEREAS the Linuxes I've tried have proven to be kind of a pain in the ass for everything but programming, and

WHEREAS I'd like to have one computer for my regular job and one computer for everything else, programming and otherwise, so as to simplify matters while still allowing for a healthy work/life separation, and

WHEREAS I'd like to be able to easily move the non-regular-job computer out of the regular-job work area, and

WHEREAS I want it to work right out of the box, because I already have to learn a bunch of new stuff for this project, and I don't have time to spend setting up my computer, and

WHEREAS the Sun notebooks are ugly and cost $10,000, and

WHEREAS it's often foolish to wait for and buy the first generation of a new product, because there's gonna be stuff goes wrong, and

WHEREAS all of the above could be false and it wouldn't really matter because eeeeee, shiny,

BE IT RESOLVED THAT I might have to break that pinkie-swear deal we made, because I sort of need the PowerBook now.


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