Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper


I've been feeling really uncomfortable with my own habit of quoting other people's emails in my journal entries, even (maybe especially) if they're entries that I filter to a small group of people. It just isn't right. If someone writes me a personal message, he's trusting me implicitly to not turn around and tell other people what he said. I've tried paraphrasing as a workaround for my guilt, but that's such a cop-out; in fact, it's even worse -- I can't do it without sounding glib and superficial. Not to say that I'm not glib and superficial.

Now, I pretty much tell Maya leadsynth everything anyway, and anyone who's not okay with that might be better off never telling me anything, but still, I don't have to be so offhand about it -- sharing things that were told to me in confidence with any list of people that comes from a frickin' database query, for God's sake -- however carefully considered I imagine that list to be.

To hell with friends filters.

I don't develop crushes easily or quickly. They take a very long time to develop, in fact. So I feel a little odd about this weekend, because although I don't have a crush yet, it might be a proto-crush. It's too early to tell if it's a proto-crush, or if it's simply that I think you're awesome. You see, on Saturday night, I was sort of falling asleep and going "yeah, uh-huh" to things you said, but then I came awake and suddenly realized that your feet were in my lap and you were quoting my favorite Borges short story to me. And I kept having little flashes of "he's awesome", like "orthogonal" or your hipster PDA, or after the Vanderslice concert when being with you turned a boring trip home on the red and blue lines into a wild midnight jaunt across the city. We were practically skipping through the Washington tunnel. At least, that's what it felt like we were doing.


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