Lindsey Kuper (lindseykuper) wrote,
Lindsey Kuper

You can actually send a text message to your shower.

Ah. What a nice, relaxing day yesterday. I did a round of dishes, and then Amanda hiamanda and J-J meterbridge ordered in some Cozy Noodles for us for lunch. Our food arrived while I was in the shower.

Lindsey: Okay, I really need to fix it so that whenever I get out of the shower, a thing of pad see eiw is waiting for me. When I'm a millionaire, that's what I'm going to do.
Amanda: You're going to have a concierge?
Lindsey: No. I'm going to rig my shower to automatically call Cozy Noodles whenever I turn it on.
J-J: Have you heard of those smart showers that are Bluetooth- and wireless-enabled? You can actually send a text message to your shower, telling it what time you'll be home and what temperature you want your shower to be, and it'll have it ready for you.
Lindsey: Excellent! I want that, too.
J-J: Actually, if it already does all that, then getting it to send a predetermined fax to Cozy Noodles would be trivial.

Man. Ever feel as though your life is being cribbed from Questionable Content?

After lunch, I did some more dishes (J-J thinks his hand will be back to normal today, enabling him to help out with dishes again), and we watched Shark Tale, which I loved. Then I called my future housemate. It was the first time I'd spoken to her on the phone, which was kind of nerve-wracking since I'm often not good on the phone, but it was fine. I learned a little bit more about her (she's from the Midwest too). She also asked me what color I wanted my walls to be! I knew that my part of the house was getting newly sheetrocked and painted, but I didn't know that I would get to choose the color. On the phone, I was at a loss for actual colors to name, although I told her that I definitely prefer interesting colors to the standard, boring off-white. She's asked me to get back to her with ideas, but I'm no good at this interior-decoration sort of stuff, so: what do you guys think would suit my bedroom and office? Post pictures if you like, or links thereto.

I was getting sleepy and whiny, but J-J and Amanda caffeinated me, wrestled me back to the couch, and persuaded me to watch The Boondock Saints, which I had never seen and which was jaw-droppingly good. Then I went out to the lakefill for an eight-mile run, making an unplanned stop at MAB on the way home. I was only going to play "Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod" once or twice and leave, but ended up fleshing out some new ideas and staying for at least an hour. Back at the apartment, I found a Maya leadsynth added to the pile of couch-dwellers. I took another shower (this twice-in-one-day business isn't normal, but after that run, I needed it), after which J-J smelled me and pronounced me clean, and then we just had leftovers and cocktails and watched a bunch more TV.

It's nice to hang out with my roommate again -- just hang out, you know? But it's also making me realize how much I'll miss my friends here. Clearly, they should all move to the Pacific Northwest. It'll be a much better place to live than Chicago when the apocalypse comes.


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